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Thank you for visiting my collection. My name is Leah Perahia Silberman and I am the designer and founder of Elle Perahia. 
My path to design has not been traditional. I am not part of a multi-generational family diamond business. Though, fun fact: my great grandfather Jack helped bankroll Harry Winston when he was first starting out, but that's about the closest I get. I have no prior connection to the world of diamonds and fine jewelry other than being a collector and designer of my own personal pieces. 
My background is actually rooted in science. I am a Dietitian by trade, I've conducted research at prestigious university labs, I've completed an accredited didactic program, and I have a BS and MS in clinical nutrition. So how did I find myself creating a jewelry line? 
Elle Perahia was conceived via the intersection of my admiration for fine jewelry and my education deep rooted in science...
Which is why it only makes sense that all of the diamonds in my collection are produced by science and technology. When I first learned about lab diamonds being used in jewelry (they have been around for decades for industrial use), it took me no time to comprehend the shift the diamond industry is headed for. 
The diamonds in my collection are typically grown using carbon atoms and high-pressure high-temperature machinery. The growing technology emulates the conditions it would otherwise take billions of years in the earths' crust to form, and can produce a rough diamond in about 2-4 weeks. Once cut and polished, these brilliant diamonds are optically, molecularly, and physically identical to their natural diamond counterparts. In other words, technology can quite literally produce what we know as a diamond, down to the molecule. 
Jewelry has always been one of the first things I notice on both myself and other people. Beautiful diamond earrings can illuminate an outfit. A sparkling diamond ring and a layered necklace combination elevates my baggy jeans and plain white T-shirt. A simple lariat can take me from day to night. Since the production of diamonds significantly reduces the cost of these otherwise tremendously expensive stones, I am able to incorporate larger diamonds at a more affordable price point. As you will see, the prices of my pieces are generally akin to those of a designer handbag. Whether for you this means greater savings or more pieces in your personal collection, Elle Perahia offers high-quality, beautifully crafted designs made from produced diamonds and 14 karat solid gold.